Manchester House Social Services Society

Methamphetamine Support Group

Meth and Death (MaD) is a methamphetamine support group formed from the understanding that many of the clients we work with identify the drug as an attributing factor to their issues. The group is focused on the needs of the people in the room at the time, mutual support, and to act as an essential bridge between the intention to come clean and formal rehabilitation.

The group meets every Thursday night at our social services hub.

To enquire about MaD please contact us on 06 323 7191,, or via our online enquiry form.

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Robyn and the services of Manchester House has been such a big help to me. The course she runs and the people there are more than just a group of addicts! We are like a big family. I have no idea were I would be right now if it wasnt for robyn probly still homeless high or dead. She has helped me over come so much n get to such a better place in my life where i feel im finally good enough to be a good dad and there not enough words to describe how thankful i am for her and the manchester house service.