Our Team

Our Team

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Management and Administration

Our services are managed and administered by a team of executive staff who ensure the smooth running of Manchester House.

Ann (Executive Manager)
People are at Ann’s heart so working within the for-community sector is perfect for her; never dull and always challenging. Her role involves vision, the ability to listen, motivation, adaptability and trust and Ann aims every day to meet those qualities. Ann lives rurally with her husband of 38 years whom she met in Nepal. They still love to travel and have inspired their four adult children to do the same.

Jacqui (Reception)
Jacqui is that welcoming first impression as you come through the entrance to our offices and along with her reception duties, takes care of the foodbank and is the Manchester House Health and Safety Officer at the Social Services Hub.
Jacqui has worked at Manchester House for over three years.   She has a teenage son and lives locally

Belinda (Financial Administrator)
Belinda has worked at Manchester House for over two years and is part of our financial mentoring team and also the accounts administrator.  Belinda’s background is in banking and business.  She is now a grandmother and enjoying every minute of her grandmotherly duties.

Helen (Funding Manager)
Helen has a strong background in the not-for profit sector and  brings over a decade’s worth of grants and fundraising experience to her role at Manchester House. Helen works to raise funds through applications to philanthropic bodies and donations from the community and works to oversee the website and Facebook page. She lives in Ashhurst and is an enthusiastic gardener and prolific fruit tree planter with a passion for earth care, people care and fair share.

Governance Board

Current board members include:

Kevin (Chair) Pat (Patron) Harvey, Rex, Tony, Don, Linda, Aaran, Bobbie, Paulette, Steve, David.

Social Services

Robyn (Social Services Manager)
Robyn is our Centre Manager and has been working for Manchester House for 11 years. She has a strong, enduring passion and commitment to assist family/whanau in need and feels privileged to live in such a generous, giving community. Robyn’s work is well known and appreciated in the community; In 2011 she received the MNZM, and in 2015 she received both the NZ Regional Hero and National Hero awards. Robyn’s role at Manchester House is varied including on demand family/whanau support work, foodbank coordination and facilitating the Methamphetamine Support Programme.
She is an excellent baker and makes a formidable pavlova.

Sarah (Social Worker)
Sarah is a registered Social Worker who has 8 years experience  in care and protection, youth justice and emergency accommodation. She is also a trained TRIPLE P facilitator and offers TRIPLE P in both individual and group settings. She works with children and young people as well as parents. An area of interest is working with parents and children who have special needs and helping to navigate the health and education system. She is a great advocate and will journey alongside clients. As a mother of 4 children she understands that parenting comes with a lot of challenges and is here to listen and offer advice to anyone that comes through the door at Manchester House.
She looks forward to working and meeting with you.

Monica (Social Worker)
Monica graduated from Massey University with a Masters (applied) in Social Work in November 2020 and brings to her role at Manchester House over 20 years experience in the fields of social work, education and community cohesion. Monica is passionate about what matters to her clients and walking alongside them in their journey and experience at Manchester House. Her practice is strengths based, client centric and thoroughly wholehearted. Monica has lived in New Zealand for the last 11 years with her husband and three daughters, has an affinity for the ocean as a space of balance, and a sincere appreciation for coffee.

Lea (Counsellor)
Lea is ANZAC and ACC registered counsellor with many years of experience  She works with variety of client groups, at present focusing mainly on at-risk children and their families.  Lea is a mother and a grandmother of two handsome sons.  Lea enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, gardening, and friendships. 

Bronwyn (Counsellor)
Bronwyn has been a counsellor at Manchester House for 2 years and prior to this had a Social Work role at Manchester House for 14 years supporting older people.
Bronwyn counsels from a strong Person-centred model of counselling where people coming for counselling are respected, valued and unjudged. Her intention is to have a genuine encounter with the person meaning that Bronwyn is genuine about herself and genuine in her interest in helping the person reach their goals. Bronwyn believes that people have their own answers and her role is to help people access them.   

Sue (Financial Mentor)
Sue has a strong background in banking and a degree in Business Studies.  She has been with Manchester House for almost two years and enjoys seeing the change in people as they achieve their financial goals and obtain financial freedom.

Manchester House Op Shop

Megan (Manager, Manchester House Op Shop)
Megan loves all things second hand and she is deeply passionate about showing people how to do a lot with a little! Joining the Manchester House Opshop  in September 2019 was a perfect fit for her as she values what Manchester House Opshop means to the community and how it benefits those in need as well as the avid Opshoppers out there. Megan feels lucky to work with a wonderful group of volunteers who make her job so much easier. She warmly invites the community to visit and enjoy the Opshop on 115 Fergusson Street.

ASAP - After School Activity Programme

Vicki (Manager, ASAP)
Vicki has been with ASAP since 2004. She originally started as a supervisor/administrator and has been manager of ASAP since 2011. Vicki has a real passion for growing children into well rounded socially confident members of the community and works towards this goal by ensuring the children in our care are valued and included.   

Melissa (Co-ordinator/administration ASAP)
Melissa has been with ASAP for four years and co-ordinates our afternoon and holiday programmes along with  administration duties. Melissa has a special interest in children who face challenges such as ASD and other behavioural and social difficulties and has plenty of experience in this field. She also enjoys active play and loves a good game of tag!

Senior Hub

Sandra (Manager, Senior Hub)
Sandy has a background in horticulture/landscaping  and has worked as an interior consultant. She and always worked in Feilding. She has spent 8 years at the Manchester House Senior Hub, has a passion for people and is committed to improving the wellbeing of older New Zealanders right here in Feilding. Her hobbies include painting, poetry, knitting, sewing, gardening and her dog Bozz.